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Language & Social Groups

We are now offering engaging, inclusive and developmentally appropriate SLP play groups for children with communication and/or social learning challenges. These programs are facilitated by a speech language therapist and/or a speech language assistant, and are designed to support children in developing their individual communication and social abilities within the context of rich play-based and experiential learning opportunities. Everything is viewed with an "SLP focused lens", and we naturally embed skills, strategies and supports into all that we do, all session long.

Registered Drop-Off Programs

Nature/Community-based SLP Play Groups

Children participate in a scheduled social-play group with the same peer group for an extended time period, obtaining access to regular SLP support as well as the opportunity for peer interaction and friendships. Each day includes a combination of group learning/school-readiness activities, individual/small group goal specific intervention (as needed), and unstructured, child directed play experiences. All of our programs involve a significant element of outdoor, nature and community-based experiences and exploration, as we feel that being "out in the world" offers so many unscripted provocations for deep learning and social connection that facilitates the growth of communication skills (***pending group readiness and safety). Children should be prepared to be outside in nature and/or the community every day for some/all of the day. Programs are provided in the community of Inglewood.

Laughing Kids


~ 3-6 years

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Happy Kids Huddle


~ 7 - 14 years

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Toddler Doing Yoga


~ 18 mo - 2.5 years

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Come When You Can
Scheduled groups don't work for you, but you want to connect with an SLP for an outdoor adventure

SLP Forest Play Pop-Ups


Maybe you have some concerns and would like an SLP to 'lay eyes' on your child. Maybe you would like to observe communication-building strategies embedded in regular interactions, play and conversations. Maybe your neurodivergent child just needs a safe, welcoming therapeutic space to play. Come join me for an un/minimally structured play session in various 'foresty' locations around Calgary, where you can learn to be a great play and communication partner for your child! Children have the chance to free-play in nature according to their interests, with their caregiver and/or peers, as the SLP facilitates speech, language and social skills in whatever opportunities the children create! We might collect, climb, observe, create, imagine...bring your flexibility! All children are welcome - all ages, all communication abilities. Come once, come every time, whatever! Each session is 1.25 hours long - 1 hour of play, and the last 15 minutes is available for grown-ups to chat with the SLP if desired (minimum 2 children, maximum 5). Each child must come with a caregiver (e.g. parent, family friend, aide) responsible for safety/supervision. $90/session (*eligible for reimbursement by employment benefits) Dates and locations (advanced registration required): 2024 * Wed March 20th, 10 am - Fish Creek * Thurs April 18th @ 2 pm - Carburn Park * Mon May 13 @ 12:30 pm - Thorncliffe * TBD, more to come... ​

Reach out and we can chat in more detail if:

  • You feel your child child may be a great fit for one of our groups, and would be interested in joining.

  • You are interested in a program not yet scheduled, and would like to be informed when scheduled.

  • You are interested, but are unable to participate in the dates offered, and would like to keep informed on future dates.

  • You have an idea for a communication/social groups that you would like to see!

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