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Assessment is observing and identifying a child's communication and social profile, strengths, areas for growth, and family priorities.

The process looks like this:​

1. Connect with us for a free email and/or phone consultation to discuss your particular needs, as the assessment session may look slightly different depending on your objectives (e.g., starting therapy or parent coaching; obtaining an assessment/report for preschool funding; beginning an FSCD contract; determining delay vs. no delay). 

2. Once the SLP has a better understanding of your individual needs as far as the function of the assessment, your child will be booked for a face-to-face session to get to know your child. Assessment may include unstructured play-based interactions, clinical observations, parent interviews, and/or a more structured/formal task (e.g., standardized assessment). 

3. Once the assessment is complete, the SLP will debrief with you regarding what was noted, the diagnosis if relevant, possible intervention goals, and options for the next steps. The goal is to help you understand what you're looking at and make the best choice in how you would like to move forward. Feel free to fire off any questions you have about anything and everything!


Intervention is the process of learning and applying strategies to support the development of new communication skills.

The process looks like this:​

1. Once you have decided to pursue ongoing therapy (direct with child and/or family consultation), you can decide on the frequency of intervention that best meets your needs. Sessions that are booked on a weekly or biweekly basis will have a consistent time reserved, however, if your schedule is fluctuating or you would like 'as needed' consultation, sessions can also be booked intermittently based on what may be available in the week you want to check-in.

2. During each session, your child will work with the therapist in play and/or conversational-based interactions (play IS the work of children!), using best-practice strategies and practice opportunities to facilitate the advancement in your child's individualized goal areas. 

3. Within the session, the SLP will also be modeling skills/strategies for each child's grown-up, chatting and drawing their attention throughout to behaviours to notice, the rationale for actions, and supportive strategies, as opportunities arise. They may also provide the grown-ups with specific home practice activities to complete between sessions. While family/guardian participation is optional (unless accessing FSCD supports in which case, it is the expectation), the best and fastest outcomes are always achieved with strong family collaboration!

***Note: Most sessions are on an individual basis, however, if you would prefer group programming, click here, or if you have an interested partner or would like to express interest in creating a group if appropriate clients are available, let's chat!

Other Services

Please reach out if you would like to discuss other collaborative opportunities, including workshops/PD, school/preschool support, or any additional inquiries. We would be happy to chat to discuss your needs, customize options, and discuss fees as relevant to your request!

The truth is that play seems to be one of the most advanced methods nature has invented to allow a complex brain to create itself -- Stuart Brown

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