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  • How do I know if my child needs speech-language support?
    It's hard to know for sure if your child requires SLP services, as there are many ideas about what and when you should seek assistance, and there are different guidelines for when a particular communication challenge is considered developmentally appropriate or delayed. I always say 'follow your gut', if you are even thinking about whether your child requires SLP support, reach out and talk to one! An SLP will be able to provide you some general consultation over phone/email, and they are highly trained to look at more than 'just words' to evaluate whether there may be a problem. There is no obligation to book or carry on after the initial consultation or 'look and see' session, and then you will have the information to make the best choice for your child and your family. SLPs are a passionate bunch and intrinsically motivated to share the word on communication skills, so that everyone can achieve their potential!
  • Do I need a referral to access private SLP services?
    Nope! A doctor's referral or otherwise is not required to access support. Just connect with an SLP directly and we can chat about options.
  • How long will my child require therapy?
    This is a difficult question to answer definitively, as each child and family is unique and progression depends on numerous factors (e.g. age, diagnosis, participation, practice opportunities etc.). I've had children achieve their goals in as little as a couple sessions and others with more complex needs stay with me for years as their skills progress, and we advance the skills/goals we are working towards. That being said, you can customize your therapy journey according to what works for your family - there is no obligation to continue, you may alter the frequency, or you can take breaks between blocks as you like. Dialogue with your SLP is always open!
  • Where does assessment and intervention take place?
    At this time, we are primarily seeing clients in our lovely little clinic space in the community of Inglewood in central Calgary, and/or outdoors in the surrounding natural or community spaces. If this cannot work for your family, we can chat about possible online approaches or support from a speech-language assistant who may have limited availability for home visits.
  • How much do private SLP services cost?
    At this time, individual private pay sessions are based on a rate of $145/hour. Sessions are typically booked for an hour, which includes direct time with the child as well as consultation with the caregiver. Any additional direct or indirect time (e.g. sessions running over time, report writing, consultation with other professionals, phone calls over 10 minutes) will be billed at that rate according to time used. Sessions may be extended or shortened based on need, with adjustments in the billing rate/session made accordingly. ***Note: FSCD funded clients may be slightly different (see funding FAQ).
  • Is there any financial assistance available for private SLP services?
    Most employee benefits programs cover speech-language pathology services up to a certain amount. You will receive a receipt of payment for all services rendered that includes the SLP's professional registration number with the provincial college, and you may submit this for reimbursement. Depending on the child's need, you may also be eligible for Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD). Speech-language pathology services are a tax deductible medical expense in Canada (please discuss with your accountant for further information), and/or your child may be eligible for the disability tax credit which can offset some of the cost of accessing private services .
  • What about FSCD?
    We are an approved provider of SLP services through FSCD and can support families with their contract. FSCD funding is an amazing resource available to families in Alberta, though please note that the support mandate is aimed at building capacity in families and community partners, so they can employ strategies to support each child's communication and participation goals. Therefore, active engagement and participation of the family/caregiver is expected when receiving services via this funding model. Additionally, FSCD provides funding for SLP support at a lower rate than private-pay rates/hr. In an effort to make services accessible to all families, we bill at the FSCD rate so that families may receive reimbursement, however, we charge for all direct and indirect services rendered. Your SLP can discuss this further and answer any questions you might have!
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