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Along Dusty Trails

Observe. Explore. Discover. Inquire

Who We Are

Along Dusty Trails is a private speech-language pathology practice based out of Calgary. We specialize in providing communication support for children and their families to help them thrive.

We believe in these principles, and they are the foundation of all that we do:

  • Social connection and enriching, positive relationships are the roots of happy, healthy humans.

  • Communication & social abilities are best developed through warm, responsive, and reciprocal interactions/conversations with people we like.

  • Anything and anywhere can be 'therapy' for children, communicative opportunities are all around - it's all about sparking joy and then using interactive strategies to facilitate increasingly complex communication skills (even if it means playing with dirt!).

  • The most optimal outcomes for children occur when caregivers are empowered to both understand developmental paths and scaffold opportunities, during daily activities and teachable moments.

  • We believe in observing, noticing and celebrating forward steps, both huge and tiny.

  • Inclusion is more than just being present in a classroom or community. All children have a right to participate in their community in a way that is developmentally appropriate and allows them to experience joy, confidence, and competence.

  • A focus on holistic child development, including children's social-emotional, linguistic, cognitive, physical, and spiritual well-being is paramount.

  • Professionals do not need to be intense or intimidating - Working (playing?!) with a speech-language pathologist/assistant should be fun, silly, and casual!

  • We believe in welcoming and exploring the diverse, unique, and quirky of the world...Sometimes the offbeat, unconventional path is where the magic happens.

Services & Supports

How can we help you?


You have some questions or possible concerns about your child's communication development, and would like a specialist to evaluate and provide insight, guidance and next steps.


You have identified some areas for communication growth, and would like to pursue therapy to remediate these challenges. FSCD contracts also accepted.


You are unable to pursue more regular therapy, but would like to schedule a single session, or intermittent 'check-ins' to review communication development, ask questions and/or update strategies.

Workshops & PD

You are an agency and would like to have a speech-language pathologist provide a workshop or professional development on a topic of your choice.

Speech-Language Assistant

Speech-language assistant time may be available, depending on your location and availability. Our assistants are highly skilled with many years of experience in delivering creative and specialized intervention programs in collaboration with the SLP. Whether you require home visits, or you are looking for a more economical option for accessing speech-language services, working with an assistant may be a great fit.


You may not be able to find an SLP available in your area, or your child may be immunocompromised, and you would like to access direct therapy and/or parent consultation online (only available in Alberta at this time).

PUF, School & Agency

You are an organization that wants to access SLP support for your children, or a caregiver who wants to access an SLP to consult with the school team regarding supports and strategies for a child.

Skill Facilitation

Speech Sounds

Difficulty pronouncing sounds correctly. May look like: * Substituting consonants with other sounds * Distorted vowel sounds * Difficulty being understood by others * Limited repertoire of sounds

What can we help with?

Expressive Language

Difficulty learning and using words. May look like: * Late talking * Slower to combine words into phrases and sentences * Limited variety of 'reasons' for communicating * Grammatical mistakes

Receptive Language

Difficulty listening and understanding language. May look like: * Not following directions * Answering questions incorrectly * Behavior challenges

Social Communication

Difficulty participating in groups and social interactions with peers. May look like: * Difficulty with taking turns * Difficulty with problem solving and perspective taking * Difficulty with initiating and maintaining conversations and interactions over several turns * Social isolation or frustration


Difficulty acquiring reading and writing skills. May look like: * Challenges in 'decoding' (i.e. sounding out words) * Not understanding what was read * Difficulty remembering sounds and letters * Hard to get ideas on paper

AAC Supports

Children who may use high or low tech symbols to augment or as an alternative to verbal speech in order to communicate. May look like: * iPad talking device * Picture boards * Sign language

Developmental or Medical Delays & Disorders

Communication/social challenges associated with an identified developmental or medical diagnosis. May include: * Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) * Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) * Learning disability * Genetic disability * Physical disability

Hearing Impairment

Communication challenges associated with an identified hearing loss. May include: * Children using assistive hearing tech (e.g. hearing aids, cochlear implants, BAHA) * Speech sound or language delays * Environmental modifications * Supportive interaction strategies

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